Python/GIS/CV Developer - Sydney, AU
  • Permanent full time position
  • Employee shares (ESOP) for key positions
  • Eveleigh (Redfern), Sydney, NSW 2015

FluroSat is an award-winning crop-health monitoring start-up. Our vision is to apply modern technologies like satellite and drone imaging combined with proximal (on-the-ground) sensing to help the world sustainably feed and clothe itself.

We are looking for a full-time Python Developer to join our team to join our team in Sydney. The candidate will work with the company leadership, customer success data science and remote sensing teams to achieve best translation of FluroSat innovation into customer-facing products. Flexible work environment available.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with the team of remote sensing and data scientists on novel remote sensing data
  • Develop data processing modules to process satellite, plane and drone imagery
  • Integrate the scientific code (in Python) with the cloud-based data processing pipelines
  • Use/work with image matching, stitching and geo-referencing approaches similar to SIFT, SURF and other from OpenCV
  • Work on real-time data in a timely fashion (you will get access to data captured from sats planes and drones hours after it was captured!)

Successful applicants must have:

  • GIS and remote sensing knowledge
  • Proficient coding skills in python - having an excellent and consistent programming style, logic and knowledge. Showcasing personal github projects will prove very beneficial!
  • Computer vision knowledge - using openCV
  • Proficiency with Linux/UNIX command line tools/environment
  • Good communication skills and “can do” team player attitude
  • Hungriness to learn. Every task will be a new challenge offering something new to master

Desirable (not required) skills:

  • Experience with Google Cloud, backend concepts, Docker, NSQ
  • Experience using the Go and JavaScript programming languages
  • Experience with databases including SQL, MongoDB
  • Experience with Machine Learning libraries including CUDA, TensorFlow, MXnet, Café and Chainer
  • Leadership qualities, willingness to take ownership of the task

What’s in it for you:

  • Contribute to making world more sustainable, do good
  • Get experience in a multi-national award-winning start-up (check out TechCrunch and TEDx)
  • Master mind and implement a novel solution using cutting edge satellite and drone data
  • Feel excited about your job and seize the opportunities for professional growth
  • Make use of flexible work hours and the work mode you like
  • Become a part of something huge! Not every day you can join the next unicorn

If this job sounds like you, and we sound like the kind of team you’d like to join, please apply by sending your resume to [email protected]
Applications close on 31 August 2018