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The Story of Us

We believe in the power of technology to ensure global food security.

FluroSat has its roots in the University of Sydney “Inventing the Future” course. The project was born out of founders’ desire to find innovative solutions to complex problems of global scale and fascination with earth observation.

Every day we are talking to farmers and their advisors to identify the obstacles to the optimisation of existing farming practices. Our goal is to equip growers with the actionable information produced using state of the art data analysis tools proven in the academic world. We want to see modern developments in science and technology deliver tangible benefits to the people who are managing our food production. We are committed to providing reliable and easily interpretable information to the agriculture industry.

Use-case example

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An agronomist will use our system to quickly and efficiently survey the field, gathering the data over large area within relatively small periods of time which will mean that the information is captured in the same conditions and can be provided for continuous monitoring. Our data allows us to track poor crop development, and to trace its cause to factors like nutrition, stress, weeds, insect and disease development. These additional layers of information point agronomists in the direction of the root cause of the crop stress.
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A progressive farmer who wishes to optimise application of chemicals and/or fertiliser in the field would use the provided data indicative of the crop health over their paddock to plan the chemical application plan for their workers or GPS-driven automated tractor. For either use case, The data can be collected from hand-held devices, drones or Earth Observation satellites. Access to FluroSat data analytics can be provided via direct access to FluroSat website or via partners’ API.

Meet Us

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