FluroSense’s bulk data edit feature enables users to simultaneously edit multiple fields at once, allowing them to efficiently input and update their data.

Bulk data editing feature

FluroSat is committed to providing users with farming solutions that enable them to work in the most efficient and convenient way possible. One way we have accomplished this is through our bulk data edit feature, which helps users save time when they are entering information onto the platform.

Bulk data edit essentially allows you to edit more than one field at a time, enabling users to simultaneously update certain aspects of multiple fields.

To use the bulk data edit feature:

1) Click on the “Farm” tab (located on the menu bar on the right-hand side of the screen).
2) Click the “Expanded view button” (see image below).
3) Select each of the fields that you want to bulk edit.

  • Add a common crop to each of the selected fields by clicking the “Add Crop” button. Remember to input the sowing and harvest date and select the crop type.
  • Edit crop details for selected fields by clicking the “Edit Crop” button.
  • Export the KML files of the selected fields by clicking the “Download KML” button.
  • Copy your fields to other farms using the “Copy” button.
  • Erase selected fields by clicking the “Delete” button.

Within the expanded view interface, you can also find a variety of useful information about your fields. This information includes the field’s area, previously selected planting and harvest dates, crop type, GDD and indices data. You can use the filters (green arrows) to order the information differently.