Instant timesaving - in-season field performance metrics across your farm delivered straight to your inbox and "saving" the favourite template for auto management zone creation

Product: FluroSense February Updates

Know your fields performance every time the satellite passes over

Get immediate insights from the latest available imagery. We notify you when new data is available, with an estimate of the cloud cover and average NDVI to know if the most recent imagery is useful and how your fields compare in crop performance.

You can set up your preferred email notification frequency in the user settings.

Prioritise operations across your fields with the crop performance dashboard

We are introducing crop performance metrics on the farm dashboard. For each of your fields, you can see a summary of key performance parameters:

  • accumulated growing day degrees (GDD),
  • average NDVI,
  • change of NDVI over the last two weeks,
  • comparison of the field performance over the last two weeks.

You can then quickly see which fields are underperforming and adjust your priorities.

"Star" your favourite zoning method and we will remember it next time

You can now save your favourite zoning template for each of your farms. Once the parameters are saved for a farm, the zoned map with your preferred parameters will appear by default for consistent and fast analysis.