We’ve been hard at work and wanted to share with you our latest achievements in helping you grow more for less!

Product: FluroSense December updates

Machine learning tool to detect stress in your fields.

Guide your scouting efforts with the new stress identification feature!
FluroSense can now identify areas of poor performance in your fields to give you to them right in time to take action. You can label these low performing areas, to teach a machine learning model to identify stress specific to your fields.

Compare your crop performance over time with trends.

We added an analytics tab allowing you to compare your fields performance across the season.
Visualising an index profile for each of the growing areas allows you to assess the difference in crop performance within your fields. These trends, both historic and current, can be used as a benchmark of optimal growth and nutrient use efficiency.

Quickly set up and edit multiple fields.

Need to efficiently manage multiple fields? You can now change your crop type and crop dates for multiple fields at the same time! This will cut down on set-up time and help you organise your entire farm.