In close collaboration with agronomists and crop research scientists, we are proud to launch FluroSense - the tool that will simply the way you work with ag data and help you get higher returns on your investments

News: Announcing FluroSense - crop health monitoring and precision agriculture platform

We are proud to announce the launch of FluroSense, an online crop-health analytics platform that makes Precision Ag easy and effective. FluroSense is FluroSat's commercialisation of over 2 years of agricultural science and software engineering research, field tested and proven over 4 seasons across a wide range of crops.

Accessible from PC, smartphone or tablet, FluroSense uses satellite and aerial spectral data to generate health maps of your fields that help you identify those areas that require field scouting. Importing the results of as little as 3 Tissue Sampling Points (TSP) per field lets you create precise and accurate field wide nitrogen maps.

FluroSense is a practical and useful tool for growers and crop advisors. Rather than having to interpret indices and graphs, FluroSense shows you exactly where you need to apply ferilizer or water, with management zones that can be exported directly into VRT equipment or used to print maps to better direct farm management teams.

One of the key objectives in building FluroSense is to simplify site-specfic crop management. Alongside TSP data, customers can import soil, historical yield and other data to fine-tune our analysis to each of their fields. Field observations can be added through annotations, creating a comprehensive snapshot of your field that can also be used for improving yield predictions.

Over the next few weeks and months we will provide updates on the specific jobs that FluroSense can transform. In the meantime, you can try FluroSense on your fields for free by signing up at