FluroSat Technology

FluroSat uses the power of deep spectral insight to deliver
early, accurate and actionable information on crop health and nutrition.
Make better-informed decisions that drive profitability and deliver measurable outcomes:
improve the yields by simultaneously cutting fertiliser and water waste.

+10-25% yield

-30% fertiliser

-25% water

See the Invisible

  • Works with any crop type
  • Imagery-agnostic, fuse satellite, airplane, drone
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • AI-enhanced precision
  • Calibrated to each field
  • Validated scientifically
  • Gets smarter all the time
  • Crop stress identification
  • Nutrient quantification
  • Water stress assessment

Our technology platform

Immediately Useful
  • Pre-analysed data layers
  • Minimal data entry
  • Usable outputs - export
    GeoTiff, KML & SHP’s
  • Downloadable layers
Expert Support
  • In-house agricultural scientists
  • Professional advice
  • Custom support and analysis
Validated Insights
  • Tailored to your field and
    calibrated using your farm data
  • Insights grounded in research
  • Our modelling + your
    experience = best insights

Our products

Remote sensing-based
early intervention crop
health monitoring platform
Scientifically-validated climatics and
yield modelling and
decision support platform
Industry collaborative
Cotton Field Awareness Map
to minimize spray drift damage


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